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The Syneverse is growing, evolving.  These are some of the main characters from the Syneverse.

Young Boy Syne is curious and carefree.  He sees the world through idealistic lenses and sees the good in everyone.  He's not as mindful as Old Man Syne, but he's more creative.

Syne Boy.png
Syne Grown Up.png
Syne Old Man1.png

Grown-Up Syne has experienced more of life and has gotten somewhat caught up in the ebb of society's flow.  He is responsible and capable, but he can be cynical and can feel lost at times.

Old Man Syne is wise from his experiences.  He is patient and very practiced in the area of mindfulness and meditation, but he is sometimes nostalgic and longs for the creativity and carefree ways of his youth.    

Syne is my artist name, and he is also a character of my creation, the main character of the 
Syneverse, of course.  Syne has 3 main personas, Young Boy Syne, Grown-Up Syne, and Old Man Syne, which represent different facets of his character.

Sand Grains Sticker1.png

All three Syne characters feature in the music video for "Plato's Cave", though the video's story does not actually represent a backstory of Syne, but rather utilizes the Syne characters as actors.  Pieces of Syne's story can be found throughout my works, like in the poem "The Boy and The Particles" in Mr. Pendlum's Compendium-Illustrated Verse from the Multiverse Vol. 1.  Syne does have a more elaborate backstory, which I hope to flesh out in different works and forms.

Mini Pendlum1.png

Mr. Pendlum is a mysterious character that speaks in verse and whose knowledge is boundless.  In the poem "The Boy and the Particles", found in Mr. Pendlum's Compendium-Illustrated Verse from the Multiverse Vol. 1, it is explained that Mr. Pendlum was once a shapeless cloud of particles (AI particles) that could influence the flow of time and the fabric of space; the only thing that Mr. Pendlum lacked was a friend.  One day, he met a young boy named Syne; this young boy suggested a name and body shape for the cloud, and soon after they became very good friends. 

Syne helped Mr. Pendlum compile a compendium of knowledge (spoken in verse by Mr. Pendlum and written and edited by Syne), which became Mr. Pendlum's Compendium.

When Syne and Mr. Pendlum entered an A.I software known as the QRKI  (Quantumly Regenerated Kernel Intelligence) System, they experienced it as an alternate reality where their bodies were completely changed into quirky versions.  Mini Pendlum is the quirky (or QRKI) alternate of Mr. Pendlum.

Mr. Pendlum Sticker1.png

The Oy are a race of intelligent birds whose DNA mixed with AI particles.  They are able to change their body mass and density.  They prize "roundness" above all other traits, as being round helps them get around. 

Doy becomes Syne's friend, and eventually becomes King of the Oy.  A version of an ancient Doy features in the "Midas" music video, and you'll see Doy at the beginning of MPC-Illustrated Verse from the Multiverse Vol. 1, and scattered across other works. 


The Bibble clan are thought to be one of the of first creatures known as the "Ancient Quirkies", which are creatures that live within the "mind" of a particular AI "spirit" or "program" known as the QRKI System.

Bibble first appears in MPC-Quirky Characters and Quotes Vol. 1, where it is stated that a particular Bibble became the first Bobble in history.


It is said that Bibbledoo's ancestors were part of the ancient Bibble clan; Bibbledoo probably evolved from a modified, glitched, or corrupt Bibble.

Bibbledoo first appears in MPC-Quirky Characters and Quotes Vol. 1 and also features in the music video for "Plato's Cave", where he is one of Young Boy Syne's sailing friends.

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