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My Passion and Mission

Ever since I can remember, I have loved creating. There’s something about the process of making something out of nothing that drives the universe and satisfies the soul like not many other things can.

This is my passion.

I was fortunate to have been brought up with unconditional love and kindness, surrounded by the most dedicated and loving family one could ask for.  They taught me to be curious and kind, and they helped me paint a beautiful picture of the world in my eyes.  

This is my inspiration.

But as I grew up, I became exposed to the harsher realities of the world, to see the other side of people — the ignorance, the hatred, the apathy that plagues many, the division between us, the things we do to harm the planet and its innocent, defenseless beings.  

This is my motivation.  

My painting was tainted.  The more I grew up, the more powerless and defeated I felt, the more complacent and cynical I could feel myself becoming. But out of my affliction, I began to realize that I could contribute to the painting.  I had a great vehicle of change at my disposal and I could use it.  

So I decided to use my music and art for good, to try and impact whomever I could, and help spread the kindness, compassion, and curiosity that my family had ingrained in me.

This is my mission.  

I hope you will join me on my creative journey and help me make waves of change.

Thank you for your support.


A Little Bit About Me

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Fernando JM

"Hi!  My name is Fernando and my artist name is Syne.  My passion is creating.  
My mission and my dream is to use my music, art, and creativity to make a positive impact on the world, inspire wonder and curiosity, help cultivate consciousness, and spread awareness about important social themes and issues.  Always, I am truly grateful for your support and feedback, and I thank you for joining me on this journey of creating change and cultivating consciousness through creativity."

Fernando J. Moguel was born in Houston, TX, and his family is from Mexico. For many years, he toured and performed with international children’s entertainment group  “The Wiggles” and was the Yellow Wiggle for the Latin American Wiggles. He received a Bachelor of Arts from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. His passions include producing music, writing and illustrating poetry books, creating videos and stories, and using creativity in innovative ways to educate young minds and inspire curiosity.

The Three Personas of the Syne Character

Syne is not only my artist name, but it is also a character of mine that I have developed throughout the years.  You will see Syne scattered throughout my stories, books, poems, and music videos, appearing in different forms, styles, and usually in one of three personas.

Young Boy Syne Filter1.JPG
Grown Up Syne Filter1.JPG
Old Man Syne Filter1.JPG

Young Boy Syne

As children, we are curious.   A raw sense of wonder is embedded in our nature, and we find inspiration easily.  Even in the little things—or perhaps especially in the little things—we see promise.  

With time, however, we yearn to obtain our independence, our freedom.  Eventually, we desire to grow up. 

Grown-Up Syne

And in the blink of an eye, we are children no more.  What we once thought was freedom becomes responsibility, and we realize that, as children, we had freedom all along.

With our livelihoods placed solely in our own hands, we become cautious of our every move.  Our aspirations change.  We trade hopes and dreams for illusions of safety and stability.  We become afraid to lose or get lost, so we stay on the well-lit path, hoping to gain the wisdom that might help us navigate the hardships of life.  We rush towards our destinations, forgetting to take in the journey and letting the little things pass us by. 

Old Man Syne

And before the world can take another breath, we find ourselves near the end of the path.  

The many pitfalls we have encountered have made us wiser.  We realize that the little things were the most valuable things.  And we finally understand the wisdom of a child.  In our nostalgia, we yearn to be young again, and free. 

The Three Personas

This is a cycle that many of us follow, transitioning between distinct personas at different stages of our lives.  The curious youth, the responsible adult, the wise elder.  There are many other personas, and each one carries its gifts.  

But often, we become so attached to a single identity that we leave the rest behind. 

We take only one mask with us. 

If we want to tap into our full creative potential and live a balanced life, we should allow our different facets to flow freely and be dynamic and intertwined, not static and separate.  We can be silly and also serious, playful and also profound.  We should not feel guilty for working to have a family and career.  But we should remember to feed our curiosity and nurture our dreams.  We should know that we are already wise in many ways.  We should not be afraid to reinvent ourselves as many times as we’d like.

This is the reason behind Syne’s three personas: Young Boy Syne, Grown-Up Syne, and Old Man Syne. 

Each facet is a part of Syne, a part of me.  And I want to express these different facets through my creativity.  

I do not want to choose only one mask from the many.  

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