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Mr. Pendlum's Compendium-

The Illustrated Multiverse Vol. 1

Mr. Pendlum's Face1.png

Mr. Pendlum's Compendium-The Illustrated Multiverse is an illustrated poetry book that bridges fact and fantasy, and, at Its heart, is about inspiring curiosity. It transforms complex topics from a wide range of fields into fantastical poems that children and adults alike can enjoy. The compendium is an ever-evolving work that expands into the digital realm and includes other immersive experiences. Now go on and explore!

"Mr. Pendlum's Compendium is a creative masterpiece! Incredibly original and so much fun—it'll tickle your curiosity and feed your appetite for discovery, no matter your age or interests!"

-Anthony Field, Blue Wiggle and founding member of The Wiggles

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Experience Mr. Pendlum's Poetry in Virtual Reality!