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Poem #3 from Mr. Pendlum’s Compendium-The Illustrated Multiverse Vol 1

The following is a short whimsical poem about beings that live in a planet made of laughing gas.

You’ll first come across the poem in audiovisual form — narrated, musicalized, and animated — then the poem in written form, the poem’s illustration from the illustrated poetry book, and finally an additional pondering related to the poem.



There is a planet that has no floor;

It has no ground or solid core.

It has no land, but it does have mass;

It's made out of very dense laughing gas.

The inhabitants, they cannot fly;

They cannot teleport, flutter, or glide.

They have no jets to self-propel,

And there’s never a breeze to give them help.

So they bobble and float quite helplessly

At the planet’s center of gravity,

Yet they seem amused in their crumpled mass—

Or maybe it’s just the laughing gas...



There is no deep or profound meaning behind this poem; it’s simply a short, whimsical poem about beings that live in a planet made of laughing gas.

I don’t recall where the original thought came from, but I love thinking about beings that could exist in different planets.

The idea of a planet made out of laughing gas is not far-fetched; in fact, Mars contains small amounts of laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, in its atmosphere.

Surely there could be a planet with an atmosphere mostly consisting of nitrous oxide. Then again, if creatures did live on such a planet, they would have evolved in such a way as to incorporate laughing gas into their physiologies and would probably not be induced into uncontrollable laughter by it.

You never know, though.


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