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This is Volume 1 of the Syneverse Sound Library series!  This sound and music library is perfect for other creators who need quirky voice effects and/or backing music for their videos, podcasts, animations, or other projects.


Called "Quirky Characters and Places 1", this library contains:

  • 70 wav audio file samples of quirky voice effects from the series "Quirky Character Voices".  They include laughs, alien animal noises, yawns, wow's, exlamations, and other quirky and funny voice effects.
  • 7 songs from the series "Quirky Places" in mp3 and wav formats + individual stems/tracks from each of the songs.  The song folders contain information about the BPM and time signature for those who need it.  These songs are short in duration, but they maintain a constant rhythm and are designed to be looped easily.  Most of the individual stems can also be mixed and matched easily as most of the songs have the same BPM (120) and time signature (4/4) (only 1 song has a different time signature of 3/4)

Syneverse Sound Libraries Vol. 1: Quirky Characters and Places 1

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