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Folklorico Eyes-NFT Collab with Ollool

Dec. 28, 2021

Do you remember the amazing NFT artist from Mexico with the name of Ollool that I told you about a few months ago? The one that whose artwork was my gateway artwork into the world of NFTs?

Well, ever since I bought that first NFT, I've been diving in deep, learning more about the NFT and metaverse spaces and connecting with the communities. I feel like I've learnt so much in just these few months. I even set up my own Discord group and have bought several more NFTs since then. I even wrote my first article on an NFT blog!

One of my favorite things about the NFT spaces and communities is how supportive and keen to help others everyone seems to be, and Ollool is the epitome of that.

He one of those people who has been guiding me and helping me on my learning journey. Only a few months after having bought an NFT from him and not knowing him personally, I now have the pleasure of being able to call him a friend (even if we haven't met in person), and, equally exciting, I have my first ever NFT credit in collaboration with him!

The NFT that we worked on together is called Folklorico Eyes. It is an animation, created and illustrated by Ollool in his iconic eye-popping style (get it?), paired with a bespoke music created for the artwork by your truly.

Above: Folklorico Eyes-illustrated and animated by Ollool with a bespoke music score by Syneverse

Folklorico Eyes is currently available on Known Origin.

If you're interested in acquiring the NFT or just seeing it and listening to it, click here!

"OllOOl's first animation. “Folklorico Eyes” is the result of experimentation with vibrant colors and movement with the intention of attracting the viewer and captivating them in the blink of an eye. This work includes sounds made by Syneverse that evoke tribal and ancient tones on a bed of futuristic, tech-electro undertones."

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